Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Merit Blog Post #5 Leadership Around The School ( Getting Involved Football and French Cricket )

On Friday, at Morning Tea, I played a game of football with my friends. It was only a 4 person game because only four people played. We set up teams of 2 and played 2v2. It was me and Wariesha against Jacinta and Alex. The first score was us, but then Jacinta and Alex trashed us with 1-5. After we had a few rounds of football, we decided to have a team talk about new strategies to try win the other team. Wariesha and I thought of trying to trick them with our foot skills and more passing between us. Alex and Jacinta won that match with an overall score of 2-7.

Next we had a go at French Cricket, and made sure everyone knows how to play.

We have decided that Jacinta would go first knowing that she likes to be first. I had the ball, and I started it off with a very unusual throw. Apparently Wariesha told me I was very bad at catching, but I had to admit, I was kinda bad. :/

When it was my turn to bat the ball, I was pretty excited because I love batting. Although It did take a while to get me out. We also earned Pozis for playing nicely and positively as well. It was really fun playing with my friends because they were supportive and enthusiastic.

The CARE Values that I showed were Excellence and Community.
I showed Excellence by playing fairly and getting involved positively.
I showed Community by Putting the gear that we used away and picking up any other gear we saw lying around.

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