Monday, 6 March 2017

Merit Blog Post #2 Home Learning Challenge

Home Learning Challenge: Design your own Challenge (E10)

For my second Home Learning Challenge this year, I decided to create my own challenge and add a little bit of art into place. For this Design My Own Challenge, I have painted a realistic piece of Landscape for this particular challenge. 

Before painting I had to start it off with drawing and tracing outlines for where everything is going to go. E.g. Buildings, Mountains. I used paintbrushes to do all of that because i feel more confident at it than pencil. A lot of the tools that I used were very different to normal art paintbrushes. Some of them are made specifically for the type of paint im using (which is oil ). Even though oil art is pretty cool, the smell of it isn't really pleasant... But I get used to it. 

I decided to go with a nice view themed art and add little twists to it as well. This artwork took weeks to finish but I am very proud of it because I have put in a lot of effort to make it look better. This is also one of my favorite artwork I have done because it's really nice to look at and it is also done well.
The CARE Values that I showed were Excellence and Active Thinking.
I showed Excellence by putting in a lot of effort into this and showing pride to this artwork.
I showed Active Thinking by thinking outside the box and getting new ideas of what I will add to this.     FINISH PRODUCT!!!!!----------------}

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