Monday, 29 February 2016

Kauri assembly

Today we went to the kauri assembly. Room 9 was hosting it. We looked at the dispositions for term 1
Communicate and belong.
We played a game where we had to bounce a tennis ball into a bin. We had Rishab as our representative. I got a pozi for demonstrating the assembly expectations.
I was being self aware by focusing on the presentation and not talking to the person next to me.


It is really fun working at the library on Monday lunchtimes. My favourite job at the library is issuing, returning, and renewing books because I like using the scanner. I issued a lot of books. I also got to know different peoples names aswell. It is a great opportunity to work in the library. I was showing  questioning by asking questions if I wasn't sure.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

PALS Touch Rugby

Our PALS game touch rugby went really well. I gave out some pozis at the end.
They were clear on the rules and didn't butt in.
What we need to work on is getting different choices of games and tell them the rules properly.
I was connecting with my buddies by talking together about how the game could go better.


Monday, 22 February 2016

Being A Librarian

On Monday 22 Febuary at lunch time Alex Alicia and I worked at the library. I did some returning and issuing on books. I really like working in the library because I like books and I want to try out a new job I have never done before.
It was hard finding all the numbers on the spine of the books, and putting them back on where that number shows.
I was connecting with my buddies to help me and my buddies understand more about the library.

Jellie Park

On Friday the 19 the whole school went to jellie park. The kauri team did swimming sports with length races and width races.
I showed resilience by trying as hard as I could and I came 3rd in both width races with kick board and without kickboard.
It was really fun because we played some house games and tried to make the biggest splash.


WALT: describe the traits of an effective leader.
I am on Multistructual on the solo matrix which is to describe the traits of an effective leader.
We had to come up with 6 positive traits that a leader should have. The six traits are:

Integrity means that they are reliable, positive and fair. A leader should show integrity so that people could trust them and they are always positive if something is not going right.
Trustworthy is when they are honest and are able to be trusted in doing something. Trustworthy is important. Trustworthy doesn't mean you have to tell the truth. They don't take sides.
If they are resilient they don't give up when something is hard they try different strategies instead. Leaders need to be resilient. If they try hard they can achieve their goal.
Leaders need to concentrate in order to achieve their goal. If they are goal focus nothing can disturb them.
Active thinking means thinking outside the box and choosing different activities each time. If they do the same activity every time, it will get very boring.
If they motivational they are being motivated to do something and able to motivate someone else.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

PALS Activities

On Wednesday 17 Febuary I had PALS on. I ran junior games with the little kids.
It was a challenge to get them all to listen when they were everywhere. We played one game (tricky tag) with the juniors and almost starting the second (stuck in the mud) but, the bell rang. I was being resilient by not giving up when I was trying to get them to listen, instead, I kept trying different strategies to solve it.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Working at the library

On Monday was my first day working at the library. I got to know how to return books,issuing books, and placing books back by their numbers. It was very nice working in the library.
I showed that I could be responsible working in the library because I was on to it and not mucking around. I was communicating with my partner and we were learning as we go.


At technology I was working with wood and hard materials. I wanted to make a clock to go with my bedroom. We did some sanding and cutting up wood. I used my community skills to help clean up after we finished. I also showed the respect value because I didn't disturb anyone and I got on with my work. I was questioning about my work if I didn't understand how to do it.