Saturday, 25 March 2017

Excellence Blog Post #1 Leadership Around The School (Tech)

On Thursday, the Year 7/8's traveled on bus to Lincoln Technology. My group, which was Group C started Tech with Mandarin that went for 30 mins. It was the second to last session of Food Tech for us and we made delicious cupcakes. The good thing about it was we got to chose to make our own cupcakes with different ingredients than the other groups. I was in a pair with Hailey, and some of the ingredients that we chose were; Coco Powder, Chocolate Chips, Brown Sugar an White Flour.

We were really excited to see how our recipe is going to go with all the different ingredients that we chose. We also had to preheat the oven o 180* Bake before we started. The first step that we had to do was to add all the ingredients into a large bowl. The second step was to mix the ingredients till it is well combined. The last step was to use a spoon or pour the mixture into your muffin tins and set them into the oven for 10-15 mins.

I really enjoyed making the cupcakes because they were easy to make and it was fun as well. We got to name our finished product at the end and we name it Chocolate Delight because everything was basically chocolate and it tasted amazing as well.

The CARE Values that I showed were Community and Respect.
I showed Community by cleaning up our mess after we had finished so our space is clean an tidy for the next group.
I showed Respect by listening carefully to the teacher for the instructions so we don't get it wrong and so we know exactly what to do.

I demonstrated Leadership by having Integrity and letting other people have a go at mixing etc.

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