Saturday, 25 March 2017

Excellence Blog Post #1 Key Leadership

On Tuesday, at the start of Morning Tea, all of the House Captains got together and had a meeting with Mr Ladbrook. Each of the House Captains, with their partners have to decide a game that we're going to run for each house. Me and Natasha, my partner, decided to run a game of Dodge-ball. We chose Dodge-ball because we thought since there is always a game of Capture The Flag, we wante a fresh game that was Dodge-ball.

After deciding which game to do, we had to record our game and equipment onto a doc.
We were aso told to get our CARE Books for some CARE Ticks from the Duathlon Event.
At the Duathlon Event, all the house captains had to run a game for all the year levels from the Kauri Team. Our group was the Year 6's. We played Tricky Tag with them and we thought it went pretty well because they seem to be enjoying themselves. After a few minutes, we decided to change the game for a fresh start to Paper Scissors Rock. All of them enjoyed that gaem and it was pretty fun to watch.

The CARE Values that I showed were Excellence and Active Thinking.
I showed Excellence by trying my best to make the games work especially when the grass was wet and cold.
I showed Active Thinking by changing the games after a few minutes so they wont get bored of the same game.

I demonstrated Leadership by getting the job done and showing a positive attitude to what I was doing.

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