Friday, 3 March 2017

Merit Blog Post #4 Leadership Around The School (Tech)

On Thursday, all of the year 7/8 hub went to technology at Lincoln. I was in group C with food tech and we started of with the Mandarin Lesson. We learnt all about different countries and what they're called. We learnt how to say England, France, China, Australia and many more. We also learnt phrases that was related to those countries that we talked about and we had to write them down in our mandarin book. Mandarin was a good kickoff start to our tech. After that, we got started into cooking, but before that we had to wash our hands and put our aprons on.

Every group had a different recipe to cook and we all had to make a video on how to make that specific recipe. My group which was with Hailey and Izzy got the egg cheese and ham recipe. Before we started cooking and making our video, we had to finish the plan that we all have. We really wanted the smoothie recipe but we knew we couldn't get what we wanted. It was really hard to cook and make the video as we go along, but we got it all finished on time. The teacher was really happy about our video that she wanted to show the group it. My favorite part of this tech session was being able to complete our video with our finished product, and we got to eat it as well.

The CARE Values that I showed were Excellence and Respect.
I showed Excellence by getting our task done and setting a high standard for everyone else.
I showed Respect by letting everyone have a go at editing and videoing for our video.

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