Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Excellence Blog Post #6 Leadership Around The School ( Student Leaders CBD Trip )

On Monday at 8:30, all the Student Leaders went on a trip to the CBD. We traveled by bus and we got to bring our devices with us to take photos. When we got there, we took a walk to the Council Office Area and met an instructor called Celia. First thing we did was, we went inside the building and went into the Function Room. We learnt about all the different things that the Councillors do and the different areas they have. We got into groups of 3 and met with an expertise to tell us what their part of the council is. We were with Kelly and her part of the council is working with Park Management; and preparing Sports fields/parks for everyone to enjoy. One of the hardest parts of her job is making decisions about the sports fields and the cost of money to repair grass and adding new fields to share with everyone.

Something I learnt during the session with Kelly was that the popularity of Rugby is going down because of bad injuries such as head injuries. She told us that nowadays, there are more elderly s than young kids like us and Biking and Walking are now getting more popular than Rugby. The most interesting thing about her job is that she has to make good decisions with sports teams and clubs. Its not always easy managing parks and making everyone happy. We also visited the Chamber and where the decisions are made. I got to sit in Pauline Cotter's chair, and we all got to use the microphones that was on our desks. My favorite part of the trip was the lunch that we had because I tried something that I've never tried before and it was delicious.

The CARE Values that I showed during this trip was Respect and Active Thinking.
I showed Respect by listening to the instructor and not talking when she was and showing respect throughout the whole trip.
I showed Active Thinking by contributing to the lessons and giving good ideas to my group.

I demonstrated Leadership by using my manners when i'm outside of school and representing Oaklands positively.

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