Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Excellence Post #3 Leadership Around The School (Getting Involved)

On Wednesday, at Morning Tea, I played a great game of Basketball. It was 4 against 5 because we didn't have enough people to play a proper game. I quite enjoyed the game because I like basketball anytime. We firstly decided the teams with Noah as the captain of one team and Wariesha for the other teams captain.

We had 4 people in our team but we managed to win the first game. Noah got the first goal, then I got the next few goals. Before half time the score was 4-2. I think our team did really well because we worked together to get across the court. I was playing attack with someone else and the rest was on defense. We carried on our game after half time. The second half was so intense, but I loved it. We also played Basketball at Lunch as well. The teams kinda changed at lunch. Firstly it was 2 v 2. then after a while it became 2 v 3 because we had another friend join our game.

The game we played at lunch was also really good but we lost 3-? Alot. Equally they were both fun games and I would definitely play again another day.

The CARE Values that I showed during this Basketball Game were Excellence and Active Thinking.
I showed Excellence by having fun and trying my best because I love what I do.
I showed Active Thinking by making sure at the start of the games that everyone is clear of the teams and rules.
I demonstrated Leadership by getting involved positively and playing fairly.

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