Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Excellence Blog Post #3 Key Leadership

On Tuesday, at Morning Tea, all the student leaders gathered up and had a quick and brief meeting with Mr Ladbrook to clear up all our duties and discuss about term 2. Firstly we talked about our trip to the council in Week 5 or 6. Everyone got really excited after this had been announced. The trip was only towards us as student leaders during school time. After taking about the trip we talked about our badges and how we had to get to a certain point with our excellence. There will be consequences if we do not complete our tasks.

Speaking of tasks, we were all assigned to do a task in our own time. What we have to do is to give the council all the knowledge that we know about the council so they can see what we know already and what they can teach us. This meeting was just to catch up again from the holidays and maybe a few reminders about our goals.

The CARE Values that I showed were Respect and Active Thinking.
I showed Respect by listening carefully to the teacher and respecting the person who was talking.
I showed Active Thinking by reminding others who forgot that they had a meeting on at Morning Tea.

I demonstrated Leadership by making sure I was on time for the meeting and putting myself in a positive mood.

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