Friday, 26 May 2017

Excellence Blog Post #5 Leadership Around The School ( Dance )

On Wednesday at 10:20, the year 7/8s had their 3rd to last dance practice. We are learning two different routines and we are going to perform them both on Friday. Our first routine that we learnt was a Hip Hop routine; we did it to the song Uptown Funk. At first, I thought it was going to be hard because ive never done hip hop before. Lucky for us the instructor ( Dean ) make it simpler and more easy for beginners. I really like the routine because I have learnt some new moves and the routine involves lots of energy which I think is good. We have finished our routine for the hip hop dance, but also working on making it look nicer and tidier and keeping in time. My favorite bit about this dance is the energy and a lot of moving around.

Our other routine that we are doing is call the Jive. It involves working in partners and the steps need to be precise. The jive is also energetic and has a bit more difficult moves than the hip hop. This dance is really challenging for me because I forget the moves sometimes and it happens really fast. I also really enjoy learning this one because I like to try new things that ive never done before. Something that I like about this dance is that it is very different to the other styles dance I have done but I like learning new styles.

The CARE Values that I showed were Respect and Excellence.
I showed Respect by listening to the instructor so I know what to do.
I showed Excellence by trying my hardest even if I got stuck in the middle of the dance.

I demonstrated Leadership by not mucking around when the instructor was giving instructions.

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