Monday, 22 May 2017

Excellence Blog Post #4 Key Leadership

On Tuesday, at Morning Tea, the Student Leaders had a leadership meeting about our trip to the City Council in a few weeks time. We also discussed at the start about how we are going with our leadership responsibilities and what is something that we get frustrated about our leadership position. A lot of the same things were said such as to do with flags and bins. But the main thing about that meeting was about our trip to the city council. All the leaders got sent a google form and we had to fill it out. It was about the food choices on the trip and what we would like to eat for lunch on that day.

The CARE Values that I showed during this meeting were Respect and Excellence.
I showed Respect by listening to the person that was speaking.
I showed Excellence by completing the task that was set to us on time.

I demonstrate d Leadership attending the meeting and turning up on time so I don't miss any important information.

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