Saturday, 3 June 2017

Blog Post #2 Home Learning Challenge

Home Learning Challenge: Design Your Own Challenge ( E10 )

For this design your own challenge, I decided to create a landscape artwork using oil paints. The first

step I did was to sketch out ( in pencil ) what is going to be in it. The sketches doesn't have to look exactly like what you're going to do, its just there so you know where everything is. The next step I did was to cover the top half of the painting in light blue for the base color. After the base color of the sky, we went on and started to add some shades of pink to it and different types of colors to form a pastel looking area. The hardest part that I found while doing this is probably getting the colors to contrast each other because the colors are quite complicated to make. The easiest part of this was the mountain because I have done a lot of mountains before and I find that quite easy to do. Something I would do differently or improve it would be to make it more of my own and contrast the colors more.

The CARE Values that I showed were Excellence and Active Thinking.
I showed Excellence by making this look the best as I can make it.
I showed Active Thinking by problem solving if something didnt work or looked how I wanted it to look.

I demonstrated Leadership by showing Resilience because I found some of this hard but I kept on going and used my initiative by asking for help.

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