Friday, 26 May 2017

Excellence Blog Post #5 Key Leadership ( Bake Sale )

On Tuesday, the year 8s bought in food to for the bake sale to fundraise for our Wellington Trip in Term 4. Half way through our dance lesson, the House Captains got called over to set up the tables before morning tea. There were three stations to put our food on. 1. By the Basketball Court. 2. Near the Chess area. 3. On the juniors deck outside the old music room. Alex, Jacinta and I were running the station by the Basketball Court. At first there wasn't many people coming over; after awhile it felt like we were celebrities signing autographs for other people. The food was going away really fast, we made a heap of money from our station, which was really good.

At the end when it was the House Captains turn of getting something, all the good food was gone, we didn't have much choices left but the good thing was that all the prices got lower.
Our first Bake Sale was a success overall. We made around $900 all together and we got a lot of people coming to buy the food.

The CARE Values that I showed during this Bake Sale were Excellence and Community.
I showed Excellence by being flexible when people took forever to choose what they wanted.
I showed Community by cleaning up at the end and helping put the tables back.

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