Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Merit Blog Post #3 Key Leadership

On Wednesday 15th, we had a leadership meeting about planning our first event at Oaklands 2017. Firstly the house captains all went out to learn how to place the Oaklands Banners up and know how to tie them up so they wont fall. After that, the house captains all meet up to discuss an important event about rubbish at our school, and how we could fix the littering in our environment. We had a lot of talking about our plan and deciding how we are going to start this. 

We all shared a doc with each other to record our ideas and pictures if we need. We were also thinking of fundraising for money for the bins we were going to get for each house. We will spray paint the bins to get the colors for our houses which is Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. I think this idea is going to work, with all of our ideas as this is for the house captains to organize for the school.

The CARE Values that I showed were Respect and Active Thinking.
I showed Respect by listening to everyone's ideas and respecting their opinions.
I showed Active Thinking by contributing to the group positively and giving ideas to support our main idea.

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