Saturday, 11 February 2017

Merit Blog Post #2 Leadership Around The School (Tech)

On Thursday we started our first technology session at Lincoln Primary. I was in Group C and we began with Food Tech. But before we got to cook, we had to go to the mandarin lesson for 30 mins. After the Mandarin lesson we went back to the food tech station an started to get ready. Firstly we learnt all the basics of safety like knives and ovens. Then we went over on a hygiene lesson and was told to wash our hands before we started cooking. We then learnt a recipe which I forgot what was called. It was something similar to a hot dog. We grilled it in the oven for a few minutes and it tasted good. At the end when we came back from interval, clean up our messes and rinsed and cleaned our dishes. I quite enjoyed the first day of tech 2017.

The CARE Values I showed at tech were Respect and Excellence.
I showed Respect by listening carefully to the teacher so I know the safety in the kitchen.
I showed Excellence by trying my best even though I am not that in to cooking.

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