Friday, 3 February 2017

Merit Blog Post #1 Leadership Around The School (Four Square)

Today at Lunch, me and my friends played Four Square out on the court area by the classrooms. Firstly we sorted out who would be in which spot and we used paper scissors rock. We then started of the game and Amelia was the King. We had a few frustrations such as, when kids run through our game, as it is called interference. That for us was really annoying, but we kindly told them to go around the game. We didn't want anyone to get hurt with the ball so we directed them around. As we got onto the game, I finally made it to be the King. The King gets to serve first. Overall this was a fun game to play at lunch especially with your friends.

The CARE values that I showed playing this game are Respect and Excellence
I showed the Respect value by not arguing with the ref if I hadn't agreed to what they're saying. I just let it go and be a good sport if I got out.
I showed the Excellence value by not giving up even if I was pretty bad at it and I kept trying and I made it to the King spot.

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