Monday, 13 February 2017

Merit Blog Post #2 Key Leadership

On Thursday in the afternoon, we had our leadership meeting and discussed about public speaking. We have decided to talk about it since it is our main focus anyway. So then, what we had to do was, we had been given a poem to memorize. After reading it a few times we had to pair up with a partner and trying to say that out clear to them. Kinda like public speaking. So then once we have done that, the teacher put our pairs together to form a group of 4 and we started to practice in that little group. We were also given the task to talk about which parts we each are going to say and we had to practice public speaking in front of the whole leadership group. After that, we were put in the spot to make up a speech up about a topic that we had drawn and we had about a minute to make up a speech in front of everyone. I found that challenging because my topic I had picked out was quite hard.

The CARE Values I showed were Excellence and Community.
I showed Excellence because I just go on with what we had to do even if it was kinda out of my comfit zone.
I showed Community by not fiddling or talking to anyone while the others were presenting their speech on the spot.

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