Monday, 31 July 2017

Excellence Blog Post #10 Leadership Around The School ( Getting Involved )

              Netball At Morning Tea

Today at morning tea, my friends and I were playing a game of Netball. At first we were deciding between Basketball or Netball. We included others to play in our game and we got them to vote as well. There were quite a few votes for Basketball, but the majority was Netball. So then, the next thing we did was to form 2 teams. We made it easy and said boys verse girls. Obviously I was in the girls team. 

We then started playing the game and I got the first few goals. The girls were thrashing the boys. It was Alex, Jacinta and I verses three other boys. It was a very intense game of Netball, but I enjoyed it a lot. I was exhausted at the end, but that just means I got involved positively. Something I noticed while playing was spectacular teamwork throughout this whole game, from both teams. We all had great sportsmanship and really enjoyed our time out there. It was awesome!

The CARE values that I showed were, Excellence and Community.
I showed Excellence by having fun with the game even though I wasn't a netball-er I still tried my best.
I showed Community by making sure everyone in my team had a fair go with having the ball and sharing it around.

I demonstrated leadership by showing integrity by playing fairly by the rules and being honest.

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