Friday, 7 July 2017

Excellence Blog Post #9 Leadership Around The School ( Design And Textiles )

On Thursday, the year 7/8's went to Lincoln Technology. I was in the Design and Textiles group. Firstly we filled in two sheets called Sheet A and Sheet B. Those were our planning sheets for our projects that we were going to make. I had three different designs to do with sports. The first design was a Mini Basketball Catapult Game made out of cardboard, rubber bands, Popsicle sticks, glue and paper. I really like this design project because I love basketball and this would be perfect for me when I'm bored. My second idea for my project is a Air- Hockey Mini game. I chose this idea because I thought it would be a cool thing to make with a bit of 3D printing in it as well. My last idea for my project  is a multipurpose sports field, that can be for football, baseball, rugby, hockey etc. I had this idea because I love sports and this represents me well.

My final design that I chose to make as my project, is the Mini Basketball Catapult game because I have experiences of making catapults and it would be a cool game to play with someone when i'm bored. I then started gathering materials for my prototype and making a simple mini size of the game so I know what it needs and I can be prepared for next time. 
At the end, we had a big pack up and the teachers had to choose three students each that were doing the best pack up in our space. I got chosen as one of the six students and we all got prizes and it was sour candy ( which I love ).

The CARE Values that I showed were Community and Active Thinking.
I showed Community by helping a lot with the pack up around the classroom.
I showed Active Thinking by being proactive and asking for help when i'm stuck.

I demonstrated Leadership by being an Active Thinker by getting started with lots of different ideas and being proactive.

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