Friday, 4 August 2017

Excellence Blog Post #4 Home Learning Challenges

The Home learning challenge that I chose was: Design Your Own Challenge

I chose this challenge because I have quite a passion for art and I love to do stuff art based.

For this home learning challenge I decided to paint this piece of art based on snow and kind of like a winter wonderland. What motivated me to paint this was because the season is winter right now and I love the snow so I decided to paint this to make it winter themed. I liked the way how this turned out because it looks exactly how I wanted it to look and I think I did a great job on the mountain and making it look realistic. When I look at this, it makes me feel relaxed and it reminds of the great things during the winter season such as snow.

Something I would improve in this landscape to make it better would be to maybe paint a few more things on the left side of the canvas because there's not much really to look at and maybe some things on that side would make this painting look better.

The CARE Values that I showed while painting this are Active Thinking and Community.
I showed Active Thinking by thinking creatively and having a bit of motivation to help me decide what to paint. I showed Community by keeping my space clean so its easy to manage and to keep a nice and tidy environment.

I demonstrated Leadership by showing Motivation because I had something on my mind that motivated my to paint this.

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