Thursday, 7 July 2016

PALS Distinction #1

On Wednesday at lunch, I had my PALS duty on. Before 1:10, we got the gear set up ready to go. Alex and I had junior PALS, which that meant we had to play games with juniors or Kakano. We played Small Field Football and surprisingly ALOT of people came to play. During the game, more people came to give it a go. We had a fair play and the students enjoyed it. They were all happy and got on with the game when there was an issue. At the end, I gave out a lot of pozis to the students.

I showed excellence by running the game with pride and turning up to my duty on time. I didn't miss my duty even though I couldn't be bothered. 

I showed leadership by playing fairly and making sure everyone was honest. There were no injuries as we took care of everyone and helped them play safely. They all know and agreed on the rules so I think I did a good job at explaining 

I have been a role model by doing my duty properly and not mucking around. I was focused on the game and not letting any distractions come to my head. I was demonstrating the important traits of a leader.

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