Monday, 25 July 2016

Librarian Distinction #2

On Monday, all the librarians gathered up in the library to talk about a new website. It is a library website that we were going to use to teach other students how to use it. Mrs Ward talked us through it and taught us how to use it. She showed us around the website and some cool things we can do on it. Some things I learnt were how to reserve a book on the website and how to search for any book you want. You can also check what books you've got out on a list on the website. We got to play around with it to get us use to it since we're going to teach other classes how to use the website.
After the meeting, we still had time to do a little bit of the librarian job before the bell rang. I helped put some books back and sort out the shelves.

I showed Active Thinking by helping keep the library tidy and using my inishitive to pick up any dirty bits on the floor in the library. I picked up books, cushions, rubbish and fixed some shelves.

I showed leadership by showing I can do this and not mucking round the library when mrs ward was showing us the website. I was listening well so I know what to do when I have to teach the other classes about this website.

I have been a role model by sitting quietly and on the mat and not interrupting what mrs ward was saying. I showed others how to be respectful and listening to the instructions.

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