Friday, 8 July 2016

Librarian Distinction #1

On Monday at lunchtime, I had my librarian duty on. When I first walked in the library, I saw a lot of books needed to be put away. So that's what I did, in fact every time, we start the duty by placing books back onto the shelves. After all that was done, it was time for issuing and returning. Quite a few people wanted books out. I helped them issue it. I also went to the back if there was any problems but nope, no problems. The library was pretty quiet. Okay, now it's time to pack up. At 1:20 we pack up the library and let the people go. My duty was pretty easy.

I showed community by helping others issue their books and cleaning some parts of the library. I placed a lot of cushions back to where they belong and helping others pack at the end of library time.

I showed leadership by making sure everyone was doing the right thing and not being too loud in the library. I didn't really have to talk to many people about noise level because it was pretty quiet in the library as usuall.

I have been a role model to others by respecting the library how it was supposed to be respected. I also showed pride in my duty an how a responsible librarian should be like.

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