Wednesday, 18 May 2016

PALS Excellence #4

At lunch me Wariesha and Alex had junior PALS on. We did some relays and running races with the juniors and they loved it. We had a lot of juniors that want to play. There were girls and boys who participated in our activity. We started with three teams of three for relays and also a boys vs girls relay. We joined in because the girls had less of them and the boys are pretty fast they say. But the first thing we did was running races with the boys. That was when we didn't have that much people. After that a lot of people decided to come to our activity.

I was showing communication by communicating with the juniors respectfully and explaining the rules carefully so they know what to do.

I was showing integrity by making sure everything is fair and being honest about the winner. That didn't make a fuss so I think I covered that. 

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