Wednesday, 4 May 2016

PALS Excellence #2

On Wednesday 4 May, I had PALS duty. At morning tea, Mr Muller changed our PALS groups. I am now with Alex and Wariesha. At lunch, we played with hula hoops with the kakano. And they loved it.
I joined in because they wanted to play with me. I was pretty happy about the amount if juniors who participated in our PALS activity. I gave out some pozis at the end to the people who played fairly. They were pretty amazed with the tricks I showed them. ( they are quite simple )

I was being self aware and aware of others because I moved to a different place to practise my stuff. And I was being aware of others by making sure I don't hit anyone else with the hula hoop.

I was showing integrity by making sure everyone has a fair turn with the hoop and making sure we don't cause any problems.

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