Wednesday, 25 May 2016

PALS Excellence #5

On Wednesday, at lunch, me, Alex and Wariesha had our PALS duty. We played a game of soccer with the juniors and it was one of the most SUCCESSFUL PALS duty ever. We had ALOT of kids join our activity. At the end, we ran out of pozis because there were a lot of people to give them to. They listened and we got on with a lot of the game. We had them in bibs and non bibs to tell the two teams apart. They were really nice to work with and were good winners and losers. Everyone was behaving and there were no issues with teams.

I was being self aware by not interrupting the game and making sure other people don't interfere with our activity.

I was showing integrity by making sure every one has a fair turn with the ball and making sure teams were even positively.

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