Friday, 9 June 2017

Excellence Blog Post #7 Leadership Around The School ( Tech )

On Thursday in the mornings, we traveled on bus to Lincoln Technology. When we got there, we went into the wood works station and carried on what we were making. Our wood works teacher told the people who have finished their speakers to create coasters or poker burn. After about 30 mins, it was time for us to go to our mandarin lesson. In our lesson for this week, we had a revision of some stuff we learnt last week based on sports. We then started on a new topic on Hobbies and Activities and sentences on how to say my hobbie(s) is/are. We had a game at the end of the lesson called BANG.

After mandarin, we headed back to the workshop. We carried on what we were doing, I started making my coasters because I have finished my speaker. I made a coaster for all of my friends: Jacinta, Alex, Warisha, Katie and Hailey. I also did some poker burning as well. I made these things with quotes on them then painted it with pastel colors because pastel gives good moods and feelings. This week was kind of just a freestyle week for the people who have finished their project which is the speakers. This week I enjoyed making the coasters and poker burning because there was no limit into the things you could make. At the end we had a big pack up to make sure things are back in their places and ready for the next group to come in positively.

The CARE Values that I showed were Active Thinking and Community.
I showed Active Thinking by thinking outside the box for some ideas on the coasters and making my work very creative.
I showed Community by helping with the pack up and cleaning up the spaces were I worked in; I helped others pack their stuff up as well and lining up waiting for the teacher to tell us the riddle for the week.

I demonstrated Leadership by showing Motivational.
I showed Motivation by getting myself motivated and in the mood for mandarin and looking to the bright side.

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