Friday, 23 June 2017

Excellence Blog Post #8 Leadership Around The School ( Tech )

On a Thursday morning, the year 7/8s travel on bus to Lincoln Technology. I started on a new Pentad which was Design. This week, Group C which was our group went into the sewing textiles area. We then talked and learned about the basics of safety and did a mini scavenger hunt around the room so we know where everything is. After that, we learned how to thread the sewing machines and what they call "fishing" after we had thread the machine. Something that I found interesting is the way that the sewing machines work. Mrs Madden, our sewing teacher, told us a story about safety around needles and pins. The two main rules we have in the sewing area is to have fun and safety. She said to us "if we don't have fun or if we don't find it easy, she is not teaching us the way we need to learn."
I enjoyed our time in the sewing/ textiles compartment because our teacher Mrs Madden made it a very fun and enjoyable time in that area. I didn't really like sewing but she changed my mind and I made the most of it.

After Morning Tea, we had to go to our mandarin lesson. We had a quick review of what we learnt last week; which was our hobbies and what we like doing. She asked some people to say in mandarin, what their hobbies are and what we like. "wo xihuan wán yóuxì " means I like to play games. And "Wǒ de àihào shì da Lánqiú" means my hobby is to play basketball.

The CARE Values that I showed were Excellence and Active Thinking.
I showed Excellence  by trying my hardest and making the most of it in sewing.
I showed Active Thinking by problem solving and asking for help when something is not right.

I demonstrated Leadership by showing Goal Focused by focusing on what I'm doing and trying to make it my best work.

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