Thursday, 30 June 2016

PALS Excellence #10

On Wednesday, at lunch, Wariesha, Alex and I, grabbed out the skipping ropes for the juniors for our PALS duty. Firstly, a lot of juniors came to us when we were holding the skipping ropes. We told them to wait on the junior courts ready for us to come. When I put a bunch of skipping ropes on the ground, a lot of juniors rushed to grab one. We also did two stations of long rope where people skip in the middle while two people twist the ends. There were a lot of people involved in it so I was really happy. Although, they did make a mess in the end, but we cleaned it up.

I showed community by cleaning up the skipping ropes at the end and putting them back away.

I showed integrity by making sure everyone gets a rope and not left out, and I think I did pretty good on that.

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