Wednesday, 8 June 2016

PALS Excellence #7

On Wednesday, at lunch, me, Alex and Wariesha, set up a game of Capture The Flag for the kauri PALS activity. We used cones for the flags and the setup and we used bibs to separate the two different teams. I was quite happy about the amount of people who came. There were a mix of boys and girls from different kauri year levels. Although the amount was good, but the instructions and rules needs improving. The boys wanted to do a boys vs girls round, and we were fine with it. Me and Wariesha joined in and Alex would stay and watch the game. It went pretty well and a lot of people enjoyed too. I gave out heaps of pozis to the people who were playing fair.

I was connecting and sharing ideas with my group on how this is going to work when we were stuck.

I was resilient because I kept the game going even if I didn't want to do it anymore. The end was more successful.

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