Monday, 6 June 2016

PALS Excellence #6

On Friday, at lunch, I helped out Mr Folely to run his activity on the field. I didn't do my duty on Wednesday, due to a closed field, so I thought I could make up and help him run a game for the kauri and kakano students at lunchtime. We played a game of Capture The Flag with a mixture from the kakano and kauri students. It didn't take long to set it up and it was a quick game that most people enjoyed. We gave out heaps of pozis and ran out of some. It was fun to run because I liked watching them play. We explained the rules perfectly so they were fond of it. We also separated them out with bibs and the bibs team won all the rounds.

I was self aware by letting them play and being aware of what's happening in the game. 

I was showing integrity by being honest and fair and making sure everything goes right. They were all honest and played fair so I think I've achieved it.

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