Friday, 14 April 2017

Excellence Blog Post #2 Key Leadership

On Wednesday afternoon, all the student leaders gathered up to have a catch up meeting since we haven't had one in a long time. We discussed with Mr Ladbrook about how we were going with our duties and if we are consistently doing them. Part of being a student leader is we have to be able to get our Merit Badges by the end of Term 1. We had consequences for those who hadn't got theirs in time. We also talked about the bins and flags that we had to do every morning.

There are usually groups that do them at different times. The morning flags and the afternoon flags.
After the catch up meeting, the teachers decided to give us a reward for the people who are consistently doing their duties. We had a great afternoon game of Medic Dodge-ball, one of my very favorite games. We played it in the hall since it was too wet outside on the grass and courts. For our first medic, we had Lindsay and for our second medic, we had Wariesha. At the end of the two rounds we had a 2v2 round of just the medics that got chosen. It was Lindsay and Wariesha vs Solani and Brayden. Our team won at the end. After that fantastic game of Medic Dodge-Ball, Mr Muller handed us some lollies for the last bit of the reward.

The CARE Values that I showed were Excellence and Respect.
I showed Excellence by trying my best in the game and enjoying it as much as I could.
I showed Respect by doing my duties consistently and meeting the expectations of being a student leader.

I demonstrated Leadership by doing what I was supposed to do and role modeling to others to be a great leader.

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