Wednesday, 14 September 2016

PALS Distinction #3

On Wednesday at lunch, Alex, Wariesha and I, set up a game of small field football for the juniors. At the start they were a bit crazy and excited for the game to start, so we got through with the instructions fast and went on with the game. We had two even teams named bibs and non bibs and paper scissors rocked to see which team had to start. It was a really fun game to whatch and there were no major issues to deal with. Pretty much the whole game they got stuck into it. They made it really easy to ref by following instructions and fair play. They all did a good job and I gave out a lot of pozis to them. This is one of the most successful PALS activities for the year. Some of the juniors helped us out packing up the cones and bibs.

I showed excellence by running the game with pride and representing the leadership role with good attitude. I listened to any coments they made about the game and didn't take sides of what they were saying. 

I showed leadership by being goal focused and not letting anyone distract me because there were a lot of distractions around the game. I was focused into the game making sure the juniors were honest. I also showed leadership by turning up to my duty on time and setting up the field just before 1:10.

I was a role model by setting an example to the little kids how much pride we have to run a PALS actives for the juniors as it is one of the leadership roles. I showed them what behavior they're supposed to have and also making sure they have honesty and fair play.

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