Friday, 2 September 2016

Librarian Distinction #3

On Monday, at lunch, I had librarian duty on.there were lots of books to put away and lots of returning too. The first thing I did was putting the books away. There were mainly senior fictions to put away. Once I've done all the books I did I little bit of the returning. Then I checked the shelves to see if they were right. I fixed some books that were In the wrong place and were upside down aswell. This Library duty is a lot more easier than some other librarian duties. I also help a girl find the book she needed. Near the end there were a few people who wanted books issued and returning books too. I also had a book out for myself aswell. I library was pretty chilled and not much as a catastrophe like some other times.

I showed Excellence by running the library with pride even if I didn't want to do it, I don't moan I went with it and carried on with the job. I also helped out a lot of people who needed help with finding books or issuing.

I showed leadership by being goal focused and trustworthy. I was goal focused because I only did the jobs that needed to be done and focusing on what I'm doing and not mucking around with my friends. I was being trustworthy by showing I can be trusted to work in the library without Mrs Ward in the library.

I was being a role model to others by having the right level of noise for the library and not messing around with the job I was giving. I was setting an example of the correct noise level for the library and not shouting across the room.

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