Tuesday, 9 August 2016

PALS Distinction #2

On Wednesday,1:10 at lunch, Alex, Wariesha and I had our PALS duty on. The field was closed so we had to use the junior courts for our junior PALS activity. We did skipping activities and Wariesha and I did the long rope. When we placed all the ropes down, we had lots of kids come along to get involved which made me happier. I gave out a heap of pozis to the people who were getting involved properly and the people who could jump to 20 on the long rope. The juniors are actually really good at jump rope. We saw a lot of people having fun with the ropes and playing fun games with it too, like helicopter. When the bell rang, all the students went back to their calasses except from a few who helped up pack up.

I showed respect to the other students by being patient with them and giving them pozis for being good or helping out for the activities. I was also letting them have fun while giving out pozis to the children.

I showed leadership by turning up to my duty on time even if the field's closed. I also showed leadership by helping out any juniors who are stuck; wether it's getting untied or something else. This is leadership because we can help out anyone if they're stuck.

I was being a role model by running the skipping activity positively with a positive attitude. I rolled model to the juniors how to be fair and respectful when running an activity like this.

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