Friday, 26 August 2016

Must do Distinction #2

On Tuesday I went to technology in the mornings. I traveled on bus to Lincoln Primary School. I was in the sowing/design group and we made paper patterns. We also talked about safety around needles, machines, pins etc. We all had to do a test before we start making our own textiles creations. I learnt how to thread the sowing machine so we can start sowing. I didn't get it at the start but now I know how to thread the machine with no problems. My favourite part of the lesson was making the paper patterns with the fabric. There were a lot of fabrics to choose from. I got a purple ish pinky indigo color for my fabric to use. First, we had to choose our fabric, then, we had to get a big piece of pear and draw a kind if shape on it, then, cut the shape out and press it down on the edge of the fabric, and finally, cut the fabric out.

I showed excellence by getting the paper pattern done and trying my hardest to complete sowing tasks from the teacher. Even if I found it hard I gave it a go with different fabrics. If I keep practising I'll get better at it. It was my first time working with fabrics and needles and sowing so it was a struggle.

I showed leadership by doing what I was supposed to be doing and not mucking around when I haven't finished. I was being fair to others who needed help for the teacher to come round and not go to me all the time.

I was being a role model by listening to instructions so i will be safe and making sure I'm being safe so I don't hurt myself doing the sowing task. I was also getting on with what I was supposed to be doing instead of talking to my friends so much.

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