Monday, 10 October 2016

Librarian Distinction #4

On Monday the first day of term 4, I had my librarian duty on at lunch. When I first went in the library I saw a lot of books that needed to be returned and put away. Firstly I put all the books back that was on the returned shelf, then I started returning the books that needed to be returned and put away. Once I finally finished putting the books away I went on and started issuing other peoples books. It was kinda loud in the library and not the best for this duty but it got quite at some stage. There were mostly picture books and senior fictions to put away and not that much junior fictions. After it was time to pack up I saw a lot of books on the ground and also some cushions and pieces of papers aswell. The library duty wasn't as enjoyable but I still got some books through.

I showed community by helping put away leftover cushions and books and grabbed pieces of papers and dumped them in the bin. There were a lot of rubbish and books lying around so before I went out I just picked them up. It wasn't a lot of fun but I still did it.

I showed leadership by turning up to my duty on time even though I couldn't be bothered to turn up because being a librarian needs responsibility and I had to deal with it even though I didn't want to turn up to my duty.

I was being a role model by showing up to my duty and doing it with pride and not mucking around talking to my friends a lot. I knew I had to focus and do what I was supposed to be doing instead of playing around with my friends and being off-tasked.

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