Monday, 22 February 2016


WALT: describe the traits of an effective leader.
I am on Multistructual on the solo matrix which is to describe the traits of an effective leader.
We had to come up with 6 positive traits that a leader should have. The six traits are:

Integrity means that they are reliable, positive and fair. A leader should show integrity so that people could trust them and they are always positive if something is not going right.
Trustworthy is when they are honest and are able to be trusted in doing something. Trustworthy is important. Trustworthy doesn't mean you have to tell the truth. They don't take sides.
If they are resilient they don't give up when something is hard they try different strategies instead. Leaders need to be resilient. If they try hard they can achieve their goal.
Leaders need to concentrate in order to achieve their goal. If they are goal focus nothing can disturb them.
Active thinking means thinking outside the box and choosing different activities each time. If they do the same activity every time, it will get very boring.
If they motivational they are being motivated to do something and able to motivate someone else.

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