Wednesday, 4 November 2015

John's Best Friend

WALT write a narrative based on an image 

John's Best Friend

One late and dark night,1955 on Planet Bounce,John woke up and got dressed into his clean lab coat.He simply slipped into his dark brown trousers,while planning to create a big robot.John had no friends so this would be perfect for him.Slowly, he went into his dark dusty basement getting ready to start building.

John could hear the wind twirling around swiftly.He then opened the old and cranky door,got his materials and sorted them out."Where are my tools?"
John wondered."They're not anywhere."
John was sure he had left it in his basement,which he calls HIS LAB.So he went back up to his room to check,then to the kitchen,kitchen to the living room,then finally to the tool room.

Once John had found his TOOLS, he rushed back down to his dusty old basement or should I say HIS LAB to start building."Now where are the light switches?"John asked himself.
Sadly,there were NO switches for the lights.So to solve that problem john used his NEWEST INVENTION! Well Actually,it wasn't his newest invention,it was just a nice lamp bought from the shops.

Finally John had finished building.
"John presents,Mr Vines!"He shouted.
Perfect.He whispered in his head.

John thought,since Mr Vines is his new best friend, it would be great to hang out with him and spend some time with each other.Soon, John left his basement,happily walking to the beautiful Botanic
gardens. Beautiful gold dandelions like shining suns
dotted beside the path,skipping joyfully together, enjoying the daylight, they had a lovely time.
At the end Mr Vines and John ate dinner at the Delighted Dining Restaurant.They were both happy and we're true best friends. 

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