Monday, 7 September 2015

Why are tornadoes so strong

                   WHY ARE TORNADOES SO STRONG?

Tornadoes are violent, funnel-like storms of strong winds that usually form during thunderstorms.They present danger to anyone nearby.

       As you can see tornadoes are one of the most dangerous
    weather phenomena on earth.Weak tornadic winds can break
branches and shifted roof tiles.The stronger tornadoes can also
   demolish anything in their path including houses,people cars,
   trees,animals and even entire communities.tornadoes are also
 called a twister or a cyclone.Occasionally, tornadoes do other strange things like lifting a 386 ton railway train of its tracks and                
    dropping it from 5 metres.

Tornadoes begin to form in a thunder cloud.Then they stretch down to
   the ground,swirling up dust.From up above the tornadoes
 swish down fast then starts swirling up.Tornadoes are so dangerous
   because they produce winds that are strong and can blow people
  over.Many people can lose their lives if they get hit from a
 tornado.There is nothing we can do to stop them.The only thing
    we could do is to hide in a safe place until the storm passes.
     One powerful thunderstorm can create many tornadoes


  1. Hello my name is alaana and im here with my friend alex we are from te papapa primary school. anyways back to ur writing. We really loved how u used fancy words such as swirling and produce. But next time can u atleast tell the reader how tornados are caused. But really impressive writing ;)

  2. Hi! I am from a digital class in Auckland! We have been commenting on blogs lately. This is an amazing piece of text and I learned lots from it! It was a good idea that you added in some pictures. That is so amazing that a tornado can pick up a train car weighing more than an elephant! Your intro was interesting; it hooked me in so I read the rest of it! Good job!

  3. Wow Tracy that was an amazing piece of writing.
    Your use of words and punctuation is outstanding!
    Just a reminder that after punctuation is a space.
    Good work again,
    Tylah-Dawnn Hamilton East School